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About Us

CBDPhytoceutical was founded by Shaan Singh, who was passionate about finding effective remedies for his family and friends that were suffering from common chronic conditions. There was great frustration watching those he loved try product after product due to the lack of reliability in the current supplement market. He gathered a small team to investigate the herbs of interest at their source, the Himalayas, where the world’s most therapeutic plants reside.

Meeting with Academia and recognized Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, his team began to unfold the science behind the medicine. It was not only the formulation itself, but the distinction of collecting the correct constituent of the plants, proper preparation and harvesting during the correct season that made the difference between its effectiveness and lack there of.

The journey that started 9 years ago has come to bring you the fruits of its labor. CBDPhytoceutical makes products born out of passion, tested formulations, potent phytochemicals combined with modern science. Our hope is that these products can offer you an experience that enables more joy, peace and relief in your life as it has for many.

Many Thanks to:

University of Kashmir – Unani Tibb Department (India)

Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine – Department of Cancer research (India)

Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (India)

National Horticulture Board and Saffron farmer’s Association (India)

Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (India)

Drugs and Pharmaceutical Research Program for Government of India (India)

Hamdard University (India)

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