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Who is Ayurveda and why is this significant?
Ayurveda is the is defined as the science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) created by the scholars some 3000 years ago. They understood the mind-body connection to a degree that is still esteemed as the highest health system understandings today. The formulations developed from the various herbs we use were combined to offer the body two very important aspects, replenish the the physical components that disabled normal function and strengthen the spirit since these medicines are derived from living plant sources.
What makes us different from all the other CBD products in the market?
Most products in the market are composed of exclusively isolated CBD or whole extract from the hemp plant. All our products that we offer are based on years of trial and error on patient outcomes to compose the ideal amount of therapeutic dose for CBD and all the herbs used in the formulation.
Where do you get your ingredients?
Our full spectrum CBD oil is sourced from certified providers in the US and the additional herbs have been obtained from trusted sources worldwide. All ingredients undergo 3rd party lab testing for safety and analysis of the key therapeutic agents (active biomolecules) to ensure product consistency amongst every batch produced.
Why is it important for the product to be water soluble?
Most of the herbs used including CBD are known to be ‘fat soluble’. In order to absorb them you need a healthy functioning gall bladder and ideally absorb at most 9-12% of what you consume. By making it water soluble we ensure you absorb 100% of the product.
How is made to be water soluble?
There are many techniques for creating a water soluble product, most of the products apply a surfactant (soaps/detergents) to allow the herbs to be suspended in water. We use a patented non-surfactant technique that is natural to the body and demonstrated to carry the fat soluble herbs all the way inside your cells.
Will this interfere with my current supplements or medicines I’m taking?
We have conducted research with patient cases and take into account contraindications. Most supplements and medicines commonly prescribed should not interfere with the product, however it is advised you consult your doctor and provide the details list of ingredients for the CBDPhytoceutical product you intend on using.
How long does it typically take to have an effect?
The therapeutic effect desired can vary amongst patients due to the variability of every individual. Typical results have shown a noticeable change experience in 2-3 weeks and in some cases 5-7 days depending on ailment. We advise consistent dosing be taken as chronic conditions are a result of a history of functional break down within the body and require appropriate time to have the opportunity to re-initiate.

If you have specific questions, please let us know and we would be glad to answer you via our contact page.

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